Résumés are a challenge

Like the title says, Résumés are challenging to build. Lots of information to sort through and justify including or not on a few sheets of paper or screens. I would expound on this statement and point of view, but, I have a résumé to update.

Hi Again

Can you believe it has been over a year since I last posted anything?

Normally, this would be an idea situation to tell you all of the things that have happened with One Black Crayon, but, I will share only this: get a contract for everything you do.

Dieter Rams is to Minimalist Design

Laminated shapes from yellowmums.blogspot.com
Laminated shapes from yellowmums.blogspot.com

Dieter Rams is to Minimalist Design as Flat Design is to those cut-out, laminated shapes with velcro on the back that you played with in elementary school.

Learning new services

As I am progressing to offering web-mastering services as a part of what I do, I wanted to share some of the web applications/services I am learning. Being knowledgeable in what gives clients the best integrations to their web presence is key to providing the best webmaster services. Here are those services I am using and learning:

* Currently providing set-up/configuration and standard integrations as a service.

As with anything you want to learn, it takes time, practice, and a far amount of patience to understand and use as a productive tool. Do you have a favorite app that I should look at learning in order to provide set-up and configuration as a service?

Get Rid Of That Pesky Grey Footer In MailChimp

You have a visually pleasing and readable email template. Your site colors and online voice shine throughout the email template. Everything is ready to go but in your tests, there is that very bold, ugly grey footer that MailChimp seemingly adds with no care for your perfectly design email. Two things, first MailChimp adds that footer to comply with CAN/SPAM laws so you are not in violation of telling your email subscribers how they got your email and how to get off your email list. Second, there is a way to get rid of it.

MailChimps tags are case-sensitive. So, even though you make have the correct tags, if they are not in UPPERCASE, ex: *|UNSUB|*, it will render the code correctly but the sensitive MailChimp app eyes will not recognize the tag as being correct so the app/system will add the grey footer into your code, right at the bottom.

Now, let’s get rid of it. Read the best practice on Notes.OneBlackCrayon.com

The Webmaster

Ever wonder what happened to the term or title of Webmaster?
Webmaster is defined as:

[A webmaster (from web and master),[1] also called a web architect, web developer, site author, or website administrator, is a person responsible for maintaining one or many websites.
Webmaster from Wikipedia.

This is such a broad and yet, somewhat archaic way of managing your website & web presence and services. This forced merger came about due to clients demanding that one person, agency or firm do all of the work, then managing every need a client has for his online web business. This puts a lot of pressure on your web projects teams and can actually increase the scope and cost of your web projects. That isn’t a good way to do business.

So I have decided to bring this title back.

Webmaster services for the rest of us.

There are times when a firm’s client that needs a little extra support isn’t a good fit for business. When a client knows that he cannot always call on his agency of record to help them find a password, or figure out how to create a web-form, or even to set up an email newsletter for their business. When you as a business owner wants someone to just fill-in-the-gaps between major web development and design projects.
This is where I can help you.

Is this you & your business needs?

  • Do you need help with setting up an email newsletter and campaign?
  • Cannot remeber where to make a Post to your WordPress powered website?
  • Need a web-form that integrates with PayPal or Stripe?
  • Need to set up a Facebook page for your business?
  • Need to set up a Flickr account?

Then this is what I can do to help:

  • Help you manage or manage your email campaigns & newsletters.
  • Set up and train you on using Wufoo, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Facebook pages, Google+ pages, Flickr and more.
  • Give you a refresher on how to use your WordPress website.
  • Manage your website’s updates.
  • Manage your business’s content updates, from publishing press releases, to making changes on pages.

I will work closely with your agency of record, web development firm, project managers, and you directly to help your business maintain and grow it’s online presence and day-to-day operations in-between your larger website and business projects.

If you are an agency or firm that has a client that needs a little extra help with their site, I would like to talk with you on how I can bring extra value to your services.

Are you a website owner that needs to have a few items taken care of from your honey-do list and do not have an creative agency/firm of record, we should talk.

Interested in having your client’s or your business’s honey-do list completed? Let’s chat.

With WordPress

I set up a blog. Not that happy about it. Not the blog part, but, the choice of software.

I wanted to add a blog to my site. Currently, I really am interested in using Statamic to run my site, but, I also have an interest in using ExpressionEngine as a full blow website management application. Both are very versatile in delivering content and giving you the freedom to design & develop websites the way you want to. Both are very secure.

I do not have a Statamic license to use it for a commercial project and I am having a challenging time relearning ExpressionEngine (my knowledge and experience with it are quite limited) so, I chose WordPress.

It won by default.

The moment I get my head & skills around either platform, I am leaving you WordPress.
But not for any client I may have.