A bit about this site

  • This is the 9th iteration of this website.
  • It was created on a Mac.
  • Using the following software:
    • TextWrangler
    • BBEdit
    • Sublime Text
    • Visual Studio Code
    • ImageOptim
    • NameMangler
    • Firefox
    • Google Chrome
  • WordPress.
  • This is a bespoke theme built from the _s starter theme.
  • Using a few plugins:
    • Advanced Custom Fields PRO
  • SCSS/Sass is used for processing the CSS.
  • Flexbox is used for the layout.
  • The system fonts are the site’s type style.
  • The black is #131317.
  • Animate.css is used for the skills bar on the résumé.

I would like to make you a website as well.
Let’s chat.