Résumé of Frederick Polk

Skills and Abilities

Graphic Design
Web Design

Career Objective

Front-End Web Development Consultant with 10 plus years experience in planning, designing, and implementing front end web solutions for various clients and industries. Open to project/contract and permanent development opportunities with both on and offsite flexibility.


Code for Good West Michigan/Weekend for Good

Volunteers who are experts in software development, design and other fields donate their time to non-profits, creating custom software to further their charitable missions.

In turn, those non-profits create meaningful change here in Grand Rapids and around the globe.

Deliverables included:

  • Email templates
  • WordPress websites
  • Front end web development
  • Social media account management

Start date: 11/2013

Grand Rapids Web Development Group

Became an organizer of Grand Rapids Web Development group. Helps to organize, fundraise, support, and mentor the community of developers in West Michigan.

Start date: 02/2016

Work & Experience

One Black Crayon


Front end developer and owner of One Black Crayon. Helping individuals, small organizations, and other entities with website development. Specific to the development of new websites and updates to existing websites, I have worked independently and with agencies in various stages of growth and business. I have been fortunate to learn and grow as a developer and member of the web development community.

Retired email campaign and template developer.


  • WordPress theme development
  • Webmaster
  • Consultant
  • Former email template developer

Start date: 05/2009


Front-End Web Developer

Startup company Padxchange in California acquired the services of One Black Crayon to work on their real estate app; completing various front end development duties and while starting basic training in Elixir, Phoenix, and Elm development languages for building and maintaining the application.

Front End Development

  • Creating static HTML templates for application
  • Developed Email HTML templates
  • Wagtail blog development
  • WordPress blog development and management

Start date: 05/2019 End date: 02/2020



As a contractor to Mintium, a full-service agency, I developed HTML templates using the Bootstrap 3 framework for their client, the Water Environment Federation. Working with their designer and the CMS development team, we were able to complete the project. The templates were then used for the Ektron/Episerver CMS platform.


  • HTML templates
  • Bootstrap 3 integration
  • CSS
  • Jquery


Start date: 11/2015 End date: 05/2016

Gravity Junction

WordPress developer

As a WordPress website developer for Gravity Junction, I am tasked with building of websites and content management of its portfolio of clients’ websites and web properties.


  • Content management of WordPress websites
  • WordPress website development

Start date: 05/2018

Well Design Studio

Front End Developer

Contractor responsible for implementing designs, WordPress plugins, code, and development styles to WordPress websites for non-profits, small business, and organizations.


  • WordPress theme development
  • WordPress website maintenance

Start date: 10/2015 End date: 01/2018

The Image Shoppe


Working with The Image Shoppe to design email marketing campaigns, web templates, graphic elements for websites, website development and content management.


  • Email template development
  • Website content management
  • Website development
  • Web design

Start date: 03/2009 End date: 08/2012


CoLearning Program

Participated in the CoLearning program through The Factory CoWorking space, as a form of continuing education and recognized by the State of Michigan as an official program. Received a certificate of completion for the Front End development course in 2013. Participated as a volunteer resource for others community members.

Start date: 05/2013End date: 04/2014

Kendall College of Art & Design

Pursued a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. My focus initially was to become a comic book artist. Changed major to Graphic Design in early 2000.

Start date: 09/1992End date: 05/2000


Additional References