Get Rid Of That Pesky Grey Footer In MailChimp

You have a visually pleasing and readable email template. Your site colors and online voice shine throughout the email template. Everything is ready to go but in your tests, there is that very bold, ugly grey footer that MailChimp seemingly adds with no care for your perfectly design email. Two things, first MailChimp adds that footer to comply with CAN/SPAM laws so you are not in violation of telling your email subscribers how they got your email and how to get off your email list. Second, there is a way to get rid of it.

MailChimps tags are case-sensitive. So, even though you make have the correct tags, if they are not in UPPERCASE, ex: *|UNSUB|*, it will render the code correctly but the sensitive MailChimp app eyes will not recognize the tag as being correct so the app/system will add the grey footer into your code, right at the bottom.

Now, let’s get rid of it. Read the best practice on